by Christian Lawson February 26, 2024 1 min read

Oral appliance hygiene is essential in the care of removable prostheses and important in the prevention of problems such as odor, plaque and calculus.

These problems may have a direct effect on the oral mucosa and general health of oral appliance wearers, more so for patients who are physically vulnerable.

Patients with restricted hand and finger movement may experience difficulty with mechanical cleaning methods and may not be able to clean their oral appliance while holding a brush at the same time.

In denture cases, this can sometimes lead to breakage and injury. If manually cleaning, it is advisable to instruct patients to half fill their sinks with water during cleaning to avoid denture fracture.

For patients with manual dexterity issues, the Dental pod provides an easy and safe method to clean their oral appliances daily. 

These patients only need to place their oral appliance into the Dental pod pre-filled with water, click the power button and wait 5-minutes to complete a comprehensive cleaning cycle. 

I've found that this simple, repeatable routine is easily followed by some of my older patients.
As a result, I recommend the Dental pod for patients that are older, debilitated or handicapped.
I hope that youre now more confident about taking care of your oral appliance. If you need more advice, please dont hesitate to contact Zima Dental customer support at

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