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See below some easy steps to take care of your Dental pod. We recommend you to follow these dos and don'ts for a long lasting unit and effective cleaning.


  • Fill the tank till the recommended level

Before you start to clean, fill the Dental pod tank with water up to the indicated level.

An overfilled tank may spill due to the vibration when the Dental pod is turned on. In addition to reducing cleaning effectiveness, the liquid spills could damage some of the electrical components of the Dental pod. 

Using the Dental pod with a sterilising tablet helps the cleaner do its job quicker and better.

Our sterilising tablets are designed to fasten the process of the ultrasonic cleaning!

  • Unplug the Dental pod after use

Plug the Dental pod in after you have added the water, oral appliance and sterilising tablet. Then, unplug the unit after the cleaning is done to avoid overheating or electricity-related risks. 

  • Clean the Dental pod around once a week

We recommend this as debris from cleaning your retainer can build up on the bottom of the tank. Clean the pod by simply wiping the interior tank of the pod with a damp cloth and some soapy water.



  • Use hot water for cleaning

Whilst high temperatures can accelerate the decomposition of dirt, they will also cause damage to soft dental materials.

Please follow the instructions that accompany the Dental pod regarding water temperature.

  • Don't try self-repairing the Dental pod

The Dental pod is designed to work on high voltage. If you have no prior experience with repairing such systems, you might end up causing damage to the cleaner and yourself.

Moreover, if you open the unit at home, you will lose the warranty that comes along with it. Always use your warranty or consult a professional for any repairs.

  • Don't use an unrecommended liquid for cleaning

Don't use an unrecommended or flammable liquid for ultrasonic cleaning. Never use alcohol-based liquids as they can vaporise quickly.  

  • Don't put in too many items at once

Although you may want to throw all of your oral appliances in at once to save time, don't overcrowd your Dental pod. Doing so might damage your items as their surfaces would rub against each other, causing scratches.

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