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The Truth About Sterilising Tablets 

Sterilising tablets help remove stains and unwanted plaque buildup, offering advanced antibacterial action that leaves your oral appliance not just sanitised, but also odour free.

Despite their importance, most oral appliance cleaning tablets contain harsh chemicals that can harm both the appliance and the user. Chemicals such as potassium persulfate are common in cleaning tablets despite research indicating their danger. 

Used as oxidising agents in a number of cosmetic products and in food transportation, persulfates have been linked to tissue irritation, allergic reactions and other serious health issues if ingested. Denture tablets containing persulfates were the subject of an FDA public health alert in 2008, being connected to health problems. It was found that when the compound reacts with water, it creates toxic agents.

In contrast, Zima Dental's sterilising tablets, backed by scientific research, are made from carefully selected ingredients that were chosen for their effectiveness and safety. Our persulfate-free formulation makes it safe for regular use and provides a safe solution for you and for your oral appliance. Furthermore they were engineered to enhance the Dental pod's ultrasonic technology.

The result is an oral appliance that is not just clean, but clinically sanitised, without compromising either the appliance's integrity or your own well-being.

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Our Ingredients Explained:

1. Sodium Bicarbonate

A gentle buffering agent which helps to neutralise acids and remove debris.

2. Sodium Carbonate Peroxide

An oxidising agent that helps to disinfect your oral appliance. It releases oxygen bubbles, which lift stains and kill bacteria.

3. Citric Acid

A binding agent that makes minerals easy to remove. It is also mildly acidic which helps in stain removal.

4. Sodium Sulfate

A dilutent used to control the concentration of active ingredients, making sure each tablet is precisely formulated.

5. Sodium Carbonate

A water softener and alkalinity booster, aiding in cleaning and stain removal.

6. Arcanite

A stabiliser that ensures each tablet is uniform and performs consistently.

7. Lactose

A binder that gives the tablet its shape and structure.

8. PVP-K30

A binder that helps keep the tablet together and allows for even distribution of the active components.

9. Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate

A surfactant that excels at breaking down stains and removing debris, making it easier for other cleaning agents to do their job effectively.

10. Mint Flavour Oil

Oil added for a pleasant minty scent.

11. Menthol

Oil that adds a cool, minty flavour to make your oral appliance feel truly fresh.

12. C173015

A common food colouring agent that gives each tablet its colour. 


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